Escort Vehicles

Escort Vehicles

Richard Lester Transport offer Abnormal Load Escort Vehicle Services from our North West and Matlock, Derbyshire sites. We have our own in-house fleet of transport escort vehicles and from your freight dimensions and transport details can provide complete Route Surveys.

Our experienced and trained team have many years of valuable knowledge in providing escort vehicles to the heavy haulage industry. We are committed to providing a high quality, professional service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week across the UK and into Europe. Our Wide Load Exemption Notices cover all of the UK. We work with ESDAL, Electronic Service Delivery for Abnormal Loads to plan abnormal load routes.

All our drivers have:

  • First aid certificates
  • Experience in road safety
  • Good knowledge of the UK road network
  • Training in steering trailers
  • Take pride in what they do


Our Escort Vehicles:

  • Are fitted to the Highways England Code of Practice
  • Equipped with first aid boxes
  • 12 Traffic cones
  • 6 Licensed hand held radios

Richard Lester Transport is a name that is associated with high quality and excellent customer service.

We ensure that every customer receives a first class service, with our safe, efficient and secure lorries.


Honest Prices

When you receive a quote from Richard Lester Transport you can be assured that is the price you will pay for the itemised job. Our substantial experience allows us to envisage and plan jobs right from the start so there are no hidden or surprising extras….

Reliable and Dependable

We collect on time and deliver on time. Our state of the art GPS System gives us first hand information on road closures, road accidents and high traffic demands so we can when necessary re-route to avoid delays.

Friendly and Approachable

All of our knowledgeable team are friendly and approachable. We all want to give you the best service possible, that often just starts with an informal chat, where we will listen to your requirements and then happily advise you on your options.

Experienced in our Jobs

We like to think that nothing fazes us… We have over the years encountered many different situations and we have always been able to pull on our experience to provide a corrective solution.

We are the best at what we do – some may say biased, but we say we know our job and we excel at achieving every task we undertake.