When you are looking to go that little bit further horizontally or vertically to those places you cannot reach with a standard lorry loader Richard Lester Transport can offer what you need.

When you are restricted on site with space for a mobile crane and delivery vehicle, we can now offer the solution by cutting down on cost and set up time helping you get on with the job.

Our Effer 685/6S offers a reach of 30 meters delivering 780 kgs horizontally.

When you want that something special to lower below ground level, in the roof space or over that building and we can reach, it’s not a problem for Richard Lester Transport.

With the Winch rope attachment (like a mobile crane) means you can lower off your product/materials vertically when the boom is above the required area, removing the need for addition manpower, manual handling, hoist and jacks on site and so reducing the risk to your staff and surrounding area.

When you have that additional problem of site access restriction and a small load to deliver, we have the solution. This Tractor unit as a specially designed short body with side boards (3800mm long x 2500mm wide storage space) giving you the option to just hire this configuration as a mobile crane with bed carrying space, ideal for garden deliveries, hot tubs, bore holes, telecommunication headframe exchanges etc.

This unit is also fitted with VGB Drawbar Coupling enabling a low/ short drawbar trailer to be drawn behind it, ideal for loads up to 7 mtrs in length, tall and tight access.

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